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Industries Served

OCG Industrial Services proudly serves a wide variety of industries including warehouses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, commercial buildings, airports, and more. We take each facility’s unique needs into consideration and work with you to develop a service plan that works for you. With OCG Industrial Services, you can consolidate your service plans into one easy-to-manage service call and one invoice.

Supermarket Aisle
Industrial Building
A fulfillment center specializing in delvery and sorting


We can help your commercial business by:

  • Repair Needs

  • Construction Management

  • Maintenance

  • Shelving Repair

  • Brick Pavers & Garden Boxes


We can help your industrial business by:

  •  Turn Key Construction Services

  •  Emergency Response

  •  Ballards and Curbs

  •  Equipment Maintenance

  •  Industrial Painting

Delivery / Sorting Fulfillment

We can help your fulfillment business by:

  • Pallet Racking 

  • Fence Repair  

  • Emergency Area Lot Striping  

  • Dock & Door Maintenance 

  • Conveyor Installation

Healthcare Clinic
University Campus
Sports and Entertainment Stadium


We can help your healthcare business by:

  •  Antimicrobial Coatings

  •  Access Control Systems

  •  Bush & Tree Replacement

  •  Refrigeration Repair

  •  Ventilation Maintenance

Education &

We can help your educational institution by:

  •  Sidewalk Repair

  •  Sod & Grass Seed

  •  General Contracting

  •  Speedbumps & Curbs

  •  Office Equipment Installation

Sports & Entertainment

We can help your sports & enterntainment business by:

  •  Sports Turf

  •  Seating Restoration

  •  Signage Installation

  •  Interior Fence Enclosures

  •  Stair Systems

Airport Luggage Conveyor
US government building
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


We can help your airport by:

  •  Landing Strip Pouring

  •  Conveyor Belt Maintenance

  •  Emergency Repair Services

  •  Spill Cleanup

  •  Electric Gates & Operators

Government &

We can help your government or municipal facility by:

  •  Underground Utilities

  •  Erosion Control

  •  Demolition

  •  Punctured Lines

  •  Road Striping & Guard Rails

Armed Services

We can help your armed services base by:

  •  Excavation

  •  Concrete Pouring

  •  Traffic Flow & Logistics

  •  Equipment Installation

  •  Fencing

A yield sign being engulfed by water after a natural disaster
An agricultural greenhouse
A restaurant

Disaster Relief

We can help you rebuild after a disaster by:

  •  Building Pads

  •  Concrete Pouring

  •  Spill Cleanup

  •  Mass Earthmoving

  •  Suspended Platform Scaffolding


We can help your agricultural facility by:

  •  Stump Removal & Grinding

  •  Water Management

  •  Topsoil Leveling

  •  Retention/Detention Ponds

  •  Equipment Installation


We can help your restaurant by:

  •  Repair Services

  •  Interior/ Exterior Painting

  •  Shelving Solutions

  •  Building Maintenance

  •  Parking Lot Services

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