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Mezzanine Installation

The project involves the installation of a substantial mezzanine structure at a car dealership located in Woodhaven.

Project Overview: The project involves the installation of a substantial mezzanine structure at a car dealership located in Woodhaven. The purpose of the mezzanine is to provide additional floor space for various dealership operations while adhering to specific structural and loading requirements. The installation will include precise measurements, robust support columns, and durable steel decking to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the elevated platform.

Scope of Work:

  1. Mezzanine Installation: The primary task is to install a mezzanine measuring 29’ 11” X 35’ 2”. This elevated platform will accommodate dealership activities, such as storage, offices, or display areas. The installation team will carefully position and secure the mezzanine structure to meet the specified dimensions and load-bearing capacity.

  2. Structural Support: The mezzanine will be supported by 5" x 5” x 3/16” square columns, strategically placed to bear the weight of the platform and any loads imposed on it. Additionally, 5/8" thick X 12" square plates will serve as bases for the columns, providing stability and distributing the load effectively to the floor below.

  3. Loading Capacity: The design of the mezzanine accounts for a maximum column loading of 18,975 pounds, ensuring that the structure can safely support the intended use and any foreseeable loads. The installation team will verify the structural integrity of the columns and their ability to withstand the specified loading requirements.

  4. Steel Decking Sub-Flooring: The mezzanine platform will feature steel decking sub-flooring covering an area of 1059 square feet. Steel decking offers durability, strength, and fire resistance, making it an ideal choice for elevated platforms in industrial and commercial settings. The installation team will securely fasten the decking to the structural framework, providing a stable and safe walking surface.

  5. Clear Height and Deck Height: The mezzanine will have a clear height of 103 ¼”, providing ample vertical space for comfortable movement and operations beneath the platform. The deck height, set at 120”, ensures sufficient clearance between the elevated platform and the floor below, allowing for ease of access and functionality.

Conclusion: The installation of the mezzanine at the car dealership in Woodhaven represents a significant enhancement to the facility's infrastructure and operational capabilities. With careful attention to detail, adherence to structural specifications, and rigorous quality assurance measures, the project aims to deliver a safe, reliable, and functional elevated platform that meets the dealership's needs and contributes to its overall efficiency and success.





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