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Macy's Twelve Oaks Mall

We are pleased to showcase the successful completion of a monumental project at Macy's within Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, Michigan.

Our team undertook a substantial 60,000 square foot addition, alongside a multiphase renovation spanning three stories. This transformative endeavor has redefined the shopping experience and demonstrates our commitment to enhancing retail spaces for the community.

Expanding the Shopping Horizon:

The addition of 60,000 square feet at Macy's in Twelve Oaks Mall represents our dedication to expanding the shopping horizon. This new space adds not only more room for merchandise but also breathes new life into the retail landscape, offering shoppers a fresh and inviting environment.

Multiphase Excellence:

The multiphase renovation across three stories of the mall was executed with precision to ensure that Macy's would continue to deliver an exceptional shopping experience throughout the transformation. Our team managed every detail to create a space that is both modern and functional, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

A Destination of Distinction:

The project at Macy's Twelve Oaks Mall reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, precision, and quality. It has resulted in a retail space that sets a new standard for shopping and serves as a destination of distinction for the community.

We are honored to have been a part of this transformative project, turning vision into reality and enhancing the retail landscape for all. The renovated Macy's at Twelve Oaks Mall is a testament to our dedication to progress and quality, demonstrating how our work enriches the lives of those who visit.

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Novi, MI


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