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Facility Enhancements

Serving over 35 Distribution Centers, providing turn-key solutions for interior and exterior facility enhancements and more.

Project Overview: OCG Industrial Services offers turn-key solutions for Amazon Distribution Centers, providing comprehensive services to optimize both interior and exterior facilities for seamless operations. With a focus on equipment and conveyor installations, tooling enhancements, and facility improvements, our team is committed to meeting Amazon's high operational standards and contributing to the efficiency of its distribution network.

Scalable Expertise Across Facilities: Having served over 35 facilities, OCG Industrial Services demonstrates scalability and expertise in meeting the diverse needs of Amazon's distribution network. Our turn-key solutions are tailored to each facility's specific requirements, ensuring a seamless flow of products through the Amazon supply chain and contributing to overall operational excellence.

Precision in Installation and Innovation: OCG Industrial Services prioritizes precision in the installation of equipment, conveyor systems, and tooling across Amazon Distribution Centers. Through innovative approaches, we enhance the functionality and productivity of each facility, helping Amazon maintain its position as an industry leader in efficient distribution and logistics.

Comprehensive Services Provided: Our services include the installation of signs, banners, and decals for both interior and exterior applications, enhancing branding and visibility within Amazon facilities. Additionally, we offer interior and exterior painting services at Fulfillment, Delivery, and Sorting Centers, ensuring a fresh and professional appearance.

Replace (1) 33 ft Upright at Amazon: As part of our ongoing support, OCG Industrial Services recently completed the replacement of a 33 ft upright at Amazon during business hours, minimizing disruption to operations while ensuring safety and functionality.

Conclusion: OCG Industrial Services is honored to contribute to Amazon's success by providing comprehensive construction, installation, and maintenance services for its distribution centers. Our commitment to progress, innovation, and excellence aligns with Amazon's goals, making us a reliable partner in the continued evolution of e-commerce and logistics. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Amazon and supporting its ongoing success in the dynamic world of distribution.

Maintenance & Installation




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