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AVL/Cummins - Texas, Singapore

We collaborated with AVL and Cummins to create state-of-the-art Center of Excellence Test Cells in both Houston and Singapore. Our team expertly handled test cell placement and provided consulting and development services.

Our team was entrusted with the remarkable opportunity to work alongside AVL/Cummins in establishing advanced Center of Excellence Test Cells at two distinct global locations, Houston and Singapore. This venture epitomizes a transformative journey, setting new benchmarks in the realms of technology and innovation.

Test Cell Placement:

Our team undertook the meticulous task of test cell placement with unwavering precision. In both Houston and Singapore, we carefully orchestrated the positioning of these state-of-the-art test cells, ensuring optimal functionality, accessibility, and operational efficiency. Every detail, from spatial arrangement to infrastructure integration, was meticulously considered to guarantee seamless testing processes.

Consulting and Development:

Beyond mere construction, we played a pivotal role in offering consulting and development services that brought the vision of AVL and Cummins to life. Our experts engaged in comprehensive consultations to align the project with the unique requirements of each location. Through collaborative planning and innovative thinking, we facilitated the development of these Centers of Excellence, catering to their specific objectives and needs.

The Center of Excellence in Houston and Singapore represents not just cutting-edge technology, but a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive and industrial sectors. These facilities serve as hubs for groundbreaking research, testing, and development, poised to shape the future of their respective industries.

We are immensely proud to have been a part of this project, working in harmony with AVL and Cummins to drive forward the frontiers of technology and research. Our partnership has resulted in the creation of world-class facilities that stand as a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and a shared vision for a brighter and more advanced future.

Test Cell Placement






Houston, TX & Singapore


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